Choosing The Right Tiara

When it comes to your wedding day, obviously every little detail has to be perfect and carefully planned out in time, and a perfect example of one of the many things on the list is what tiara to choose. Some women might even think that the tiara is outdated and isn’t something that’s absolutely necessary nowadays, and while that naturally is your call, tiaras are making quite the comeback on the wedding scene this decade so far. It’s a simple yet elegant accessory that can perfectly feature your eyes and dress, giving you a more fairytale look for your fairytale day.
Maybe the newly refreshed popularity of the tiara came from the Royal wedding of Prince William with Katherine Middleton a few years back, as that Cartier tiara that was originally created for the Queen Mother really stole the show and stimulated the imagination of millions around the world.
So if you’re in love with the idea of wearing a tiara, choosing the right one for you can seem a bit overwhelming, as there are several types you can choose from, each with their own style and fit. Also, if you decide to go this route, it should be said that the tiara is a gorgeous accessory that deserves all the attention it’s going to get, so it doesn’t need flashy earrings or other extra pieces of jewelry to enhance it, as that might actually be a bit too much. Simple earrings always go well with the exquisite look of the tiara.

How To Choose The Right One

Regal TiaraThe general theme of one’s wedding should always influence the choice in jewelry they make, so if you’re going for an elegant theme, then an elegant tiara is probably the right bet. You can go with a regal tiara which has a very formal look, similar to the one Princess Kate wore on her special day (hence the name). Depending on the type of material you’re going for, it can cost in between $50 and a few hundred dollars, but the look will always be impressive, and you don’t really need to overspend if you absolutely can’t afford to.
Another interesting choice would be to go for a wreath tiara, which is basically a style that mimics a floral arrangement. This can work for both formal and less formal weddings as it provides both an elegant and a friendly unpretentious look that will still garner the desired attention.
Lastly, we would recommend also taking into consideration the tiara bun wrap which is placed a little further back than regular tiaras, and obviously work best if you choose to wear your hair in a bun for your special day.
As you can see, the hairstyle will also be a very important factor that will have to be taken into account together with what tiara to go for, as these 2 decisions really go hand in hand.
Whatever you choose, we’re sure that you’ll look amazing wearing your favorite tiara!